Capable of spreading a wide range of materials including fertilizer, fibre foss, lime, sand, salt and poultry waste. All salt and grit spreaders are fitted with specially designed road discs which deflect the material towards the road.

Chain Belt

Stops slipping of material on incline, ensuring even and cost effective spreading.

Hydraulic and Contact Drive

3 Speed Gearbox & Belt Speed

Allows a wide variation in application rates and a direct relationship between forward speed and rate of application.

Hydraulic Gearbox & Belt

By having the hydraulic driven gearbox it is possible to spread great volume per Ha and when the time comes to convert to a Precision system, most of the hardwear and plumbing is already provided.

Range of Models

A range of models are available in a 3.5 tonne, 5.5 tonne, 8.5 tonne, 10 tonne and 12 tonne suiting the varying customer' requirements.

Hydraulic controlled Spinner

Hydraulic control of the spinner and drop point adjustment ensure accurate spreading up to widths of 24m. Subject to different types of fertilizer.

Computerised Models

Fully computerised, GPS & variable rate spreading kit available as an option.

Engineering Specification

A combination of precision fabrication and in-depth knowledge of working conditions ensure the Running Gear range will pass the test of time. Continuous testing of the machine by our engineers ensures that the spreaders perform to the highest standards set by us and demanded by you. All our shot blasted spreaders are finished with a 2 pack commercial paint.

Stainless steel

All spreaders are fitted with stainless steel hydraulic fittings and stainless steel nuts and bolts. The rear gutter unit is constructed out of stainless steel, for longer life.


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